Bitcoin surpasses US$ 40 thousand in new historical record

Valorization in 2021 is almost 40%

Three weeks after passing the US$ 20 thousand mark, Bitcoin decided to keep rising and doubled its value. The digital currency has just broken a new record and is traded above US$ 40 thousand.

Since last October the digital currency has started to appreciate, driven mainly by institutional investors and now has gained momentum due to high retail demand.

In 2020 alone the digital asset had a valuation of over 300%. In early 2020 the currency was quoted at $7,000 and ended the year worth $29,000.

In 2021 the currency has already appreciated 38%, starting the year at US$ 29 thousand and now surpassing US$ 40 thousand.

In Brazil the bitcoin circuit is already traded in the range of R$ 220 thousand. High also maximized by the dollar, which is now quoted at R$ 5,10.

The demand for the asset has increased on the last days, reaching the highest level of interest since January 2018.

In other words, retail finally seems to have taken an interest in the digital currency and the high demand has taken the currency to land never explored before.

The high interest has also made Brazil’s largest brokerage firm face instabilities, something common in the market when demand explodes.

No one wants to be left behind, everyone wants to buy the asset that appreciated 300% in 2020 and can appreciate even more.

However, history has already shown that when Google demand increases it is probably time to sell.

But if there’s one thing Bitcoin has shown, it’s that past events don’t usually repeat themselves in the future. Digital currency is a new asset that is being adopted by those who have courage.

The total market value now is US$ 747 billion, making Bitcoin the 8th most valuable asset in the world.